For this very reason, and in order to ensure that our customers reach ever further, we realized that we would have to face greater challenges than being a simple transporter, or an agent of cold logistics chains, and we have become a company that provides solutions to our customers based on their needs.

In 2004, we launched our first reefer container. A great challenge, but not without risk. This allowed us to grow and realize that it was what we wanted to pursue the rest of our lives. We loaded the vessel 15 days before departure, but we had to wait more than a week to get the health certificate and we experienced moments of anxiety. But after overcoming setbacks, our first export arrived safely to port. Ever since, our motivation and team spirit have not stopped growing.

Strategic decisions taken by MARTICO along its 30-year history have placed our services as an international transport market benchmark in refrigerated containers. With more than 10 million tons of chilled and frozen seaborne cargo, we have managed to strengthen trade ties between shippers and consignees around the world.

Our experience in the transportation of frozen and refrigerated goods has enabled our customers to address their expansion plans in a sustainable manner. And thanks to a consolidated network of offices, agents and operators, MARTICO can also provide essential logistics solutions as well as support for your international projects, linking countries and continents quickly and efficiently.

Our experience has been instrumental in the growing interest of shipping through the Spanish ports of Barcelona and Valencia; however, MARTICO limits are always determined by the needs of our customers. Therefore, before requesting a quote, we recommend that you talk to any of our existing customers, you will then see that they really are our best business card.

Our Team