MARTICO REEFER SOLUTIONS  is an international company specialized in the handling of all temperature-controlled cargo. Our services encompasses any destination around the world and cover every stage of the logistics chain, by land, sea and air. We have dedicated Administrative, Insurance Management and Legal Advice Departments which work 24/7. MARTICO also has an R+D Department that places it at the cutting edge of the logistics industry. The main products that we transport are: meat, fruit and vegetables and fish, as well as other perishable products. MARTICO’s clients are large, medium-sized and small, food-related businesses. MARTICO is the perfect logistics partner for any successful company.



The origin of MARTICO was without doubt, the vision of its founder, Mr. Peter Abraham Monsma.  Mr. Monsma set up two shipping agents, MARTICO Bilbao in 1973 and later MARTICO Valencia in 1986. He embedded in both of these sister companies, a strong commitment to excellent service.  This has been well-founded in both the company’s ability to constantly modernize and reinvent itself as well as in the workforce that shapes it.

Undoubtedly, these founding values have accompanied us during MARTICO’s transformation from a local shipping company into MARTICO REEFER SOLUTIONS, a world leader in reefer transportation.


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Since its inception, MARTICO has always been constantly evolving thanks to its ability to adapt to new market forms and, particularly, to the professionalism of its workers. Our main mission is to offer a 360º logistics service, always with the same objective: TO GIVE OUR CUSTOMERS THE BEST SERVICE AVAILABLE IN THE MARKET.


We are regarded as an international benchmark due to our consistent good work, our personalized service and for having one of the most professional workforces in the logistics sector


Our main values revolve around these 7 basic points:

  • Constant improvement
  • Business ethics
  • Loyalty to our clients
  • Teamwork
  • Excellent performance
  • Dedication to good results
  • Social responsibility