MARTICO’S LOGISTICAL SERVICES can be applied to any type of product. Strong, coordinated logistics and the excellent offerings of the market’s main providers make our company unique in the sector.  MARTICO is able to transport any type of product at a controlled temperature from any part of the world to any destination, guaranteeing delivery on time and in the best possible condition.

Our range of services can also be applied to products such as charcuterie, cheese, wine, dry cargo, etc. We adapt to the rules and regulations in each part of the world.

Our professionals do a remarkable job of advising our clients so that their cargo gets to their end markets as quickly as possible and at the best price, increasing efficiency and profitability.

Sea Freight

Here in Valencia, Spain, we are experts in the sea freight of refrigerated goods (reefer solutions).

Rail freight

Rail freight is one of the fastest growing modes of goods transportation in the world. This is due to the fact that operational costs are lower compared to other modes of transport.

Land freight

At MARTICO, delivering on time and being able to ensure the continuity of the cold chain in reefer cargo is of the utmost importance


The added value of our company is that we offer our clients a service that focuses on the details and anticipates all eventualities that may arise. In this regard

Air freight

We currently have agreements established with the main national and international airlines, leaders in the transit of goods by air.


The peace of mind of having good transport insurance, especially with sea freight, eliminates many problems for both exporters and importers.