For this very reason, and in order to ensure that our customers reach ever further, we realized that we would have to face greater challenges than being a simple transporter, or an agent of cold chain logistics, and we have become a company that provides solutions to our customers based on their needs.

MARTICO is a company created to provide solutions tailored to the needs of our customers, so we are proud to say that at MARTICO we contribute to our customer’s efforts, hopes and future success stories.

Care in transporting perishable goods is essential for such to reach their destination in perfect condition and we at MARTICO take pride in being the best in the transport of meat, fruit, vegetables and fish.

We have amassed 30 years of experience that guarantees us throughout the world, 30 years designing and building our teams of professionals able to ensure the transport of any goods and able to ensure that goods reach their destination in the same conditions they left either by land, sea or air, or by combining two or more transport means.


Slaughterhouses, cutting plants, cold storage, collectors, traders, end distributors, importers… We work for customers within all links in the chain of meat production and marketing.

We transport for the largest agents in the business, and for the smallest, always with the same dedication and commitment. We work with different markets, different economies and different meats.

We were in the Hong Kong crisis, in the Haiphong congestions and in the Russian market closures. We have suffered abandonment in Africa, force majeure, accidents … We have internalized import licenses, letters of credit, free days at origin and destination … We are well-aware of poultry production in America, huge beef plants in Brazil and Argentina, European pork, Indian buffalo and Australian lamb.

In other words, some markets will close, others shall open, but essentially the meat market will continue its path and at MARTICO we will always be standing firmly by our customers.


All products shipped in containers, either by frozen or refrigerated cargo, have their peculiarities. But it is in the fruit and vegetable sector where product knowledge is essential, since they are the most sensitive.

For our team it is essential to strengthen and care for the good relationship with exporters: meet their needs, conquer their fears, complement their know-how and qualm their doubts. It is our mission that logistics be a link in the chain, which, accompanied by appropriate providers, may provide the security that such a particular product needs.

The fruit and vegetable client always requires special knowledge of its genre. The client needs people who are attentive and understand their speech. At MARTICO we make sure this is so, for this reason there is a team exclusively dedicated to managing fruit and vegetable cargo.

We are the logistics partner of many demanding exporters because they know that their products will reach their final destination being exactly what they collected from the field.


Our experience has provided us with extensive knowledge of local formalities and documentation requirements necessary for entry of fishery products to different countries. Furthermore, in recent years, we have increased our presence in the transport of frozen fish thanks to customer activity in foreign markets.

Working with MARTICO represents simplifying any process. We are always focused on achieving the best results for all agents. We offer customized solutions that help meet commitments with suppliers and customers, connecting their production or logistics centers with all continents through our network of land, sea and air transportation providers.

We know the industry well and we can provide all transit times available in the market at competitive prices and with complete flexibility.

We have work-teams specialized in fish.

Our customers know that every case they propose, we transform it into “our case”. Thus, we always aim to offer solutions that truly meet customer needs, advising and solving possible difficulties until we find find the most effective solution, provided through proximity and professionalism that have now become our most recognizable trademark.


Good logistics coordination and excellent conditions with major shipping providers will ensure your product reaches any destination chosen. At MARTICO we pledge to ship any type of product at controlled temperatures, ensuring that the product arrives on time and in the same condition it was in when leaving the warehouse.

Nowadays, we are constantly shipping a wide variety of perishable products from different sectors, controlling the cold chain at each transportation phase. As an example, we can mention meats, cheeses, bottled wine, and so on.

Our team is familiar with internationally established rules and regulations, and you can rely on us to carefully monitor shipments through each stage of the journey. We help and advise you to reduce the product time of arrival to market. This means lower costs and more fresh products with longer life, providing a competitive market advantage.