Last actions of the foundation

Last actions of the foundation


The Susana Monsma Foundation was established in December 2017 by the will of Pieter A. Monsma, in memory and honor of his daughter Susana.

Throughout her life Susana was a woman who stood out for her joy, affection, kindness and willingness to help everyone. Seniors, young people, children, dogs, cats … Susi did the same when it came to transmitting her love and help to others.

The Foundation arises with the certainty that Susana would have loved this work of support for charitable purposes just as she herself already did with a series of collaborations with Foundations.

The Susana Monsma Foundation does not act directly, but rather collaborates through monetary contributions to multiple non-profit organizations after making the appropriate analyzes to ensure that the amounts actually arrive and are used for the intended purposes.

Of the nine members that make up the board, seven of them form part of the logistics solutions business group: Martico SL based in Bilbao and Martico Valencia SL based in Valencia; entities that have among their many principles also a social function, contributing to the Foundation part of the benefits they generate.

Thanks to the workers of these entities, many of them Susi’s colleagues, and to all of you who make it possible for this project to be carried out.

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